Dear American Voter

In less than two weeks Americans will be going to the polls to make a decision on behalf of the entire world. At least this is what international folks say. To shed light on what ‘foreigners’ think and feel,  Link TV has launched Dear American Voter, a pioneering project in which people from outside the US send video messages to Americans. Here is a cross-section of reactions.

From India, Khadija has one message to the American voters to:

“think about the war in Iraq and try to stop all that is going on there. Bring peace. Bring peace to Iraq and bring peace to all the soldiers who are fighting. Bring peace to their homes. Please stop the war in Iraq.”

Thomas, from Denmark, reminds American voters about their concerns over their economic future – being able to afford a college education, to feed their children, with the rising food prices and houses becoming less affordable for many families.

Pakistani Asma Chaudry says now is the time for America to change its image in South Asian countries and its attitude towards Islam. She explains how in Pakistan, Pakistanis are victims of terrorism and suicide bombers – who are acting against the religion.

Admitting she is a big fan of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, Chaudry's hope are at an all time high that should Obama make it to the Oval Office, he should work on changing the “Bush policy,” stopping the bloodshed and terror lashed out on innocents.

Laiq-Ur-Rehman, another Pakistani, from Islamabad, urges Americas to vote for the candidate who would most make an impact on reducing poverty and hunger and “making this world a heaven.”

More reactions can be found here.

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  • jay Kactuz

    Let me respond, if I may

    Eva, good idea. Yes, bring the soldiers home. I am for it! This, however, will not bring peace. See if you can consider the possibility that not all the problems in the world are caused by America. FYI, the Shias and Sunnis will still hate and kill each other. When the Americans are gone the radicals will take over and goodbye to all human rights.

    Thomas, Thank you for your concern but American is screwed. Neither party or candidate wants to deal with the real problems. Our educational system is sub-standard, our economy is falling apart (public and private debt, stc…), the democrats and republicans are insourcing (illegals) and outsourcing (China) our jobs, almost 50% of our workforce produce nothing tangible, tax money is spent to support a non-productive welfare population, laws are ignored and, worst of all, nobody is honest about the issues. America is living in a fool’s paradise.

    Asma. You need to learn about Islam. I recommend that you read the Quran and hadith (as I have done, extensively) and ask yourself how you would feel – if you were a non-Muslim – about the hate and violence directed at infidels. Do you really think Bush is responsible for the bloodshed in Pakistan? Please stop pretending that the violence Muslims do has nothing to do with Islam. Why don’t Islam and Muslims change their attitudes, instead? Oh yes, I forgot, Islam is perfect.

    “Another Pakistani” – Good idea, but sweet words won’t do it. I recommend honest government, education and hard work. None of these are America’s responsibility. When I say “education” I don’t mean worthless religious education in Madrassas (instead, look to S. Korea for a good example!). Regarding “making this world a heaven” – well, good luck on that one. From my long association with the human race, I think that as long as there are 3 people left on earth there will be trouble in paradise.

    This is a small world and we are all in this together. What happens in America effects the world and vice-versa. One thing I will not accept, however, is for people to blame the US for ALL their problems or refuse to consider how their own actions and beliefs contribute to their problems. If your government is corrupt or undemocratic or does not respect basic human rights, either go cry under your bed or start a revolution. It is easy to blame somebody else (America, Bush, Colonialism, Capitalism, Christianity, the Media, greed, the Jews, the Crusades, Hollywood immorality, etc…) for a problem, but it never resolves the problem.

    These are hard words, but somebody has to say them. I say this for your own good – and frankly, like Scarlet, I don’t give a damn if you like what I say or not. Maybe that is why I still around after 7 decades…..


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