Africa: “Obama We Believe in You!”

Reactions are continuing to pour in from bloggers around the world on Barack Obama's success in clinching the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in the race to the White House.

Not everyone from Africa is pleased Barack Obama has become the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee for president. Red Star Coven, a South African living in Scotland, claims in his headline: Obama Sells Out:

On the day of his victory over Clinton, when people around the world are hoping the prospect of an Obama presidency will result in a saner US foreign policy, Barack Obama sells out and betrays the millions of people around the world who have been rooting for him.
Because although only Americans get to vote, the fate of the world rests on these elections.
And Obama has just come out in favour of Israel. Check it out:
Barack Obama has pledged unwavering support for Israel in his first foreign policy speech since declaring himself the Democratic nominee for president.
He told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), a prominent Jewish lobby, Israel's security was “sacrosanct” and “non-negotiable”.
(For the record, I think the BBC is wrong to call Aipac a Jewish lobby. It's a lobby group for the Israeli state. Jewish and Zionist are not synonymous, and it's dangerous and dishonest to imply that they are.)

Africa wants to know, what will the possibility of a Barack Obama presidency bring to the continent? In the South African blog Cunkuri, the erudite Deon van Wyk argues that because he is such a young candidate, Obama has not been tainted by politics as usual. However, if elected, he’ll have to convince the middle class voters to get behind his program. For international relations, African leaders who have been tainted with corruption should begin worrying now.

Its unlikely that family connections with Africa will sway policy, but there is a significant moral dividend in placing the continent higher on the agenda. And although race should not matter, when you are an African-American candidate you are obliged to heed black history. The so-called “roots” issue is deeply ingrained in African-American culture. For Africa that's a long way from getting a leg up in terms of policy issues, however, Obama may just be the the kind of politician that can transcend the entrenched debate and take it to a new level. The presidential race will likely be dominated by domestic issues and the Iraq war, but the Republican machine doesn't fight fair and Obama will be examined like never before…and that will include his position on Africa.

The real question, of course, is what would Africa want from Obama should he be victorious in November? This doesn't appear to be a man that will give corrupt politicians a free pass, particularly if they're African. Frankly, it may well turn out to be a bit of a shock for the continent's league of dodgy leaders. So, progressive change agent meets the old guard; my money's on the young guy with the idealism. Common sense also dictates that Obama isn't going to hold with old style African politics, especially when he's clearly focused on overturning the same thing in his own country. That can only mean the writing's on the wall for every tin pot dictator and warlord still scarring the face of the mother continent.

This one has gumption:

In a blog called, how much politics do you think they write about? Apparently quite a bit. Here’s the wrap up on Barack Obama winning the Democratic nomination:

Mrs Clinton got her *** kicked to the curb!!!!!
Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House…
Congrats Obama we believe in you!!!

From African Loft, who’s caretaker, Ayo, is Nigerian, but residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, writes:

Barack Obama clinched victory Tuesday night in the Democratic presidential race, defeating Hillary Clinton after a marathon primary campaign and becoming the first black nominee for the White House in American history.
Mr. Obama, a 46-year-old rookie senator from Illinois, effectively wrapped up the nomination following a surge of endorsements from Democratic superdelegates and after receiving a clutch of ‘pledged delegates’ awarded after two final primaries in South Dakota and Montana.
“Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States,” Mr. Obama told supporters in St. Paul, Minn.
“America, this is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past.”
But even as Mr. Obama proclaimed victory, Ms. Clinton did not concede defeat or acknowledge her rival had surpassed the 2,118 delegates needed to secure the nomination.
Instead she delivered a sometimes defiant, sometimes conciliatory speech that left Democrats guessing at her future plans.

As always, African Loft has a lively comment section. Here are a few:

From MISI:

Congrats, Obama! History is unfolding before us. Who could have guessed a black man will become the democratic nominee? This is New America indeed.

From John :

I stayed up late last night watching the coverage of this historic moment, realizing how fortunate I was to have witnessed it. Obama now stand among the biggies like MLK and JFK.
The clever media stunt of Hillary did not go unnoticed either. Several times during the discussion her name kept popping up, the fact that she did not concede defeat, and acknowledge the man Obama as the winner of the primaries.
Also, what up with the the “presumptive nominee”? Some folks just can’t see how a big-eared skinny name with a name like Barack Obama can beat the Clintons!

From Renegade Eye:

The line of people to hear Obama in St. Paul, at the Xcel Center, was a mile long. He packed the building, with 10,000 people outside.


  • Paul V

    I voted Hilary Clinton, and only support Hilary Clinton, No matter what Hilary Does suspend her campaign concede her campaign. No matter what Hilary does she could even support Obama and campaign for Obama I will never Vote for Barack Obama, I do think America is ready for a black president, just not Barack Obama,,, The way The Democratic party handle this election with the Corporate Media propaganda this whole election, Turned this election upside down,, Obama could of ran over someone,, like Haley Berry, No one would care and still vote,, Obama..
    There several million Voter right now like my self, will not ever vote for Barack Obama, Many like my self will be Voting for McCain, my reason is simple,, the Obama voter came on CNN & MSNBC and said if obama does not win the primary, Obama supporter will vote for McCain, Democratic party did not do anything to the obama camp to stop ,, why is obama party splitting the party in half, Now pelosi and many other are blaming Hilary and kept on with the propaganda Corporate Media, Obama Said on the new so many time,, does not Matter, if your Democrat or Republican,, you want the right person for the right Job,, He is so right,,when He said that we wanted Hilary,, Well Congrats to Obama his supporter got him to the primary,,,but He will never win the election,, for President, I will not stop with my blogging,, who is the best man for the job between Barack & McCain,, will vote for McCain he will be way better than Barack Obama, I can put up for McCain for 4 years and Hilary Can run again, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat party,, days are number at this point, For pushing Hilary out and ruining her Career, Even now During Clinton Exit speech,, Democratic party Told Hilary if she does not back there little puppet Barack Obama they will ruin her career,, In my opinion They all ready Ruined Hilary Clintons Career, Right Now I am goint listen to one thing Barack Obama said, and that is, like I said, it does not matter if your Democrat or republican who is the right person for the job,,,, Hillary supporter need to stick together, Vote for McCain or just not vote for we need the right person,,, Hilary is up on stage right now saying what pelosi and the democratic party are telling her what to do,, or Economy is down and the way the propaganda Media is,, we are turning into a 3rd world country,, by rigging the election thru the media, Hilary Supporter who really want Hilary to be president Need to vote for McCain or just not Vote for Barack Obama, let McCain win,, there nothing more he can do as president, Congress will not let him it Congress who controls everything,, not the president, Pelosi and the a lot of the democratic party ruined Hilary Career, If all Hilary Voter, stick together, than We can restore Hilary Career and make her President, in 4 years. if you vote for Obama we have to wait maybe 8 years or 4 years and republican will be office, if Obama wins the presidency he will only be 4 year term,,, I say give all your supporter not to the democratic party, but to Hilary Clinton.. democratic party needs all of them need to leave office and get fresh people in there, who can unite the party not keep it separated and force unity, to who they want not who the voter want,, Hilary would of won this election, DNC screwed her with Florida and Michigan if those vote were counted at the beginning she would of won this race along time ago..and for the sexist Media, Like CNN & MSNBC… will continue to not report the new but Make it up as they see fit, All Hilary supporter need to unit together.. and stick together,, Margaret Thatcher was prime Minister 30 years ago,, but American Men and New Bias, is keeping woman down for personal gain, Like Keith Oberman, & Chris Mathews Who are the biggest Sexist on this MSNBC stations,

  • Kenyan reporter Fred Obera writes on of Obama:

    “Africa is hurt by factors unique to the continent and our place in the world– there is our distance from viable markets and problems with trade. And Senator Barack Obama is aware of this’ says a Kenyan living in the backyard of Obama’s ancestral village in Alego Siaya, where his father use to herd goats.

    Barack Obama is Kenya’s beacon of hope. His quest for the US presidency is timely and symbolic to both Kenya and the entire continent, and Kenyans identify with him so easily as a new African- American man in the land of hope. We’re aware that Obama knows that Africa is gradually shrinking from prominence on the world stage, and that he knows some of the biggest issues plaguing Africa: ethnic conflict and conflict between groups living within the borders of the dual monarchy, democratization, accountability and transparency– all these are expected to be addressed during his tenure.

    Obama’s candidacy is welcomed with enthusiasm and an overwhelming audacity of Kenyan hope, even while most analysts say he will do little nil to usher in better African leadership. But there is plenty of hope as the senator infuses the continent with hope and ambition….”

    Read the rest here:

  • I am happy that the best person to lead our nation is on the verge of winning – black or white. I do belive Obama’s background will help with international relations and help mold the dreams of young people. I too am worried about any ‘until death dur us part’ commitments to Israel. I believe with should work through the UN and show equal regard to all nations unless engaged in war.

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